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H.I.C. delivers effective network security and business continuity solutions to organizations of all sizes, in all verticals. Founded in 2006, and driven by our passion for designing highly customized solutions, H.I.C. has worked consistently with the most prominent establishments in Healthcare, Finance, Energy, Education, Government, Legal, and Retail.

Why Choose Us

Trusted Advisor

Anyone can make promises, but not everyone delivers on those promises. H.I.C. delivers. Understanding that your challenges can be complex, H.I.C. insists on clear, concise and effective communication during the process of design, implementation and knowledge transfer.  We ensure that our clients not only implement the most effective solutions for their needs and their environment, but have a solid understanding of how to extract the most value from those solutions and preexisting ones.

Cutting Edge Technology

H.I.C. knows that to truly stay safe and protected you need to stay a step ahead and be proactive. This is why we are committed to partnering with cutting edge emerging technologies offered by our strategic partners. In this ever evolving industry we understand the time requirements needed to research each and every new solution on the market, which is why we bring the solutions and the research directly to you, allowing you to stay current with new solutions in a time effective manner.

Engineering Expertise:

Many of us at H.I.C. have worked in customer environments and not only understand the challenges that confront you on a daily basis, but empathize with you.  In addition to sharing your perspective, H.I.C. engineers are truly some of the most qualified and experienced in the field. We pride ourselves on our exceptional engineering team, who truly are subject matter experts. Our team has the knowledge, training, and experience to effectively and efficiently help you navigate your challenges.