Professional Services

H.I.C. Systems Engineers have decades of experience in demanding enterprise level environments. We enjoy the challenge of mastering the latest developments in technology and passionately pursue each opportunity for growth and development. We welcome the opportunity to share our expertise through hands-on knowledge transfer with you and your team.

Compliance Gap Analysis

Companies are faced with a growing number of standards and regulations. These compliance standards include GLBA,HIPAA, SOX, PCI, NIST, AND FISMA. H.I.C. Engineers are highly skilled in helping companies meet various compliance standards through a combination of methods: vulnerability scans, penetration tests, policy review, entitlement review, traffic analysis, and vendor-specific solutions.

Product Implementation and Architecture

H.I.C. Cybersecurity takes the ‘value-added’ part of being a Value-Added Reseller to heart. Our engineers learn the products we resell inside and out. staying current on both vendor and industry certifications, as well as exposure to a variety of product implementations, ensure that our engineers can design and implement all our partners’ products in-line with best practice methods.

Security Assessments

H.I.C. Cybersecurity provide Security Assessments that can help identify security holes in your environment and at the same time provide mitigation and remediation measures. Security Assessments performed by H.I.C. Cybersecurity include Internal & External Vulnerability Tests as well as Security Architecture Review.

Incident Response

When a security incident happens, the first goal is to handle the situation so that the damage is limited and you are setup for quick recovery. H.I.C. Cybersecurity offers both on-demand incident response as well as contractual incident response through our Security Incident Response Team (SIRT).

Real Time Security Analytics

Networks and the applications that ride over them are constantly evolving. Managing the security of this environment requires constant tuning and adjusting. H.I.C. Cybersecurity can help you select the right Real Time Security Analysis solution or supplement your staffing needs to ensure your security posture stays up-to-date.